About Us


We are Digital Retail Shop in the heart of Thrissur. You can visit us anytime you want whether to get a avail any of our service or to browse our collection of varying electronics and good that will make your life easier. You can contact us through call or live to clear up your doubts and make use of our services.

Good Customer Satisfaction

Good customer satisfaction refers to a situation where customers are satisfied with a product or service that they have purchased or used. It means that their needs and expectations have been met or even exceeded.
  • Speed

Free Pick & Delivery We offer onsite service and free pick up & delivery, just in case if you are short on time.
  • Quality

100% QUALITY GUARANTEE We work hard to reach 100% satisfaction, and won’t stop until we do.
  • hypocrisy


We keep your personal information private, safe, and secure. All of our products are guided by three important principles


  • 100% Genuine Parts

  • Guaranteed Spares

  • Free Estimation

  • BGA CHIP level servicing

  • Quality service at reasonable price

  • 99% Success Rate

  • 2 Decades of Experience

  • Exchange option Available

  • Customer oriented staffs